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Heal Migraines & Headaches
This mixture not only relieves pain fast but also heals the area that causes pain to manifest.
Migraines are due to blocks around the neck, behind ears and scalp. This healing oil is not a balm that shuts off your nerves to give relief from headaches and migraine. The healing oil mixtures dissolves blocks that cause the migraines. Regular application will heal the blocked area.
The oil mixture is good for toothache, frozen shoulders, stiff neck, cramps, sprains, menstrual pain, mouth ulcers, ear ache, acute pains, muscle and ligament tares, falls, arthritis, joint aches, carpal tunnel syndrome, bone pains, rheumatism, relief from mild fractures and swelling due to it.
The oil contains Antibacterial, Antiviral and Antifungal property which is a natural cleanser and antiseptic.
Ceylon Pranic Oil Mixtures are designed to unblock, cleanse, energize and heal the human body. The Pranic Energy in the mixture delivers each oil’s nutrients/benefits at a cellular level to optimize cellular function and promote healthy cell life . The mixture also dissolves toxin blocks in an affected area, assists lymph drainage, and gives access to the body’s immune system to begin healing. The oil mixtures are in essence, the spirit of the plants, which is an intelligent conscious energy that works in combination with the Pranic Energy, the nutrients/antioxidants of the oils to give quick relief and healing.
Contain Highest Grade Ayurvedic Oils: Mee, castor, cinnamon, clove, camphor, and spearmint oil.
It’s a high ORAC Value antioxidant mixture.
No Mechanical Energy is involved in the mixing process.
Low carbon footprint production process and Eco packaging
For External Application Only
Concentrated Mixture.

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